Sunday 26 May 2013

Haul (With a bit of Mulberry)

Today was my hubbies birthday (Happy birthday sweetheart) and our 12 year wedding anniversary, we went out for a little shopping, the weather has been amazing! The sun has been out shining down on us, I have had the best day. I am only showing the bits I got as this blog is for girls only! No boys allowed.

I have been extremely lucky with this find! I am able to fit into children sized shoes most of the time, and today I found some lovely D&G flip flops for an absolute steal at £21.00 each, hence I brought both colours. I do love a pair of flip flops on my holidays.

I also like the zip bags they are sold in, they will be fab for organising and using for my travels.

I love Cath Kidston, as you are properly aware of by now! I have lots of pieces from her range. Today I brought 2 more tea towels I find them useful for my blogging I sometimes use them for my back grounds. What a bargain at £4.00 each.

I found this cute little laundry bag, it was only £6.00, I want to hang it off my bedroom door. I love the pattern. Or I may use it for travel, I could keep things organised in my suitcase?? We will see, I tried to show you how big the bag is, lets just say its huge!

I own a few bags from Cath Kidston, cotton and oil cloth and love them all. They wear well and look super pretty. Today there was a sale on their cotton bags, they had gone down from £16.00 to £10.00 and then had an additional 20% off making them £8.00! Wow, I had to get 2. They had lots of colours and patterns to chose from, these are the ones I liked best.

I had a chat with one of the sales assistants today in fact she was the one who told me about all the extra discounted items. I was lost for words when she told me how much these were going for. I already own this pattern in this pouch and love the baby pink colour. These had gone down from £8.00 to £4.00 and then down to £1.60 OMG. I had to pick a few up, I though maybe friends might want one? Or I could use them as gifts, I thought about adding some nice make up inside etc?? What do you think??

I nipped in the CCO, I love going into this shop although today was extremely busy. I had tired the Bobbi Brown BB cream before and loved it. I noticed it has SPF 35 was included in the balm and thought it would be great for summer time and for £19.75 how could I refuse. I have been looking for a new concealer for ages, Origins had this one for £11.25, I have heard positive reviews about it so I am giving it a go. Mac had a huge display, lots of previous collections and products they still sell. This confuses me, they had popular items that are cults products there today for a few ££. I selected a Mineralize Eye Shadow #Love Conne for £11.75 and Extra Dimension Eye Shadow #Stolen Moment for £11.75. I had a quick swatch in the store today, oh my they are beautiful and just my colours.

This little Mulberry bags makes my heart skip a beat, I love the store and have quite a collection of Mulberry items now. If you would like to see everything I have leave me a comment and I will write a post about them.

My wonderful hubby brought me two little things from Mulberry today to celebrate our anniversary.

First thing is this amazing hot pink phone holder, I actually already own a dark red phone holder, but when he spotted this he wanted me to have it. I love the colour pink and you will understand more in a moment.

I am thrilled with it, I love the colour, its perfect for summer.

Just look at this beauty, I have been lusting after a Mulberry pouch for a long time. I own a few leather pouches from American Apparel but this one blows them out for the water. I am going to use this a clutch for evenings out, it fits everything I need, phone (matching now), lippie, keys and money. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this.

I am super happy to finally own a pouch from Mulberry, I must say Mulberry is one if not my favourite handbag/accessory designers. I love their colours, designs and look. They are just perfect for me, they are classic and never age. I have had my Bayswater for years now and you would never tell, it still looks brand new. I would highly recommend you purchasing from Mulberry if you want a nice item that will look amazing and wear well.

I must dash now, we are off out now. My hubby has booked a fabulous Italian Restaurant in the countryside, it is set in a breath taking setting. I will try to capture some pictures for you. I cannot wait, it has been an amazing day today, one will remember for years to come. Happy Birthday and Anniversary sweetheart ( I know you Will be reading!).
Jen x


  1. Amazing! You are very lucky! I love everything you got :) xx

  2. Ahh how lovely, happy birthday hubby and happy anniversary! You got some great stuff! I think your Mulberry pouch is almost the same colour as mine! x

  3. Lol Jen, how small are your feet?? Teeny tiny! Also can I have your mulberry pouch? ;) xx

  4. I want to see a Mulberry post! I adore Mulberry, have 3 bags, and you're absolutely right, they wear so well, my Bayswater is about 5 years old and apart from some minor colour loss on the bottom (it's bright purple) it looks immaculate x


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