Sunday 19 May 2013


This is my first experience with make up from Givenchy, it is a brand I never here about in the blogging community, but one I wanted to investigate for myself. This is stocked in my local Debenhams store. I had in fact been in 4 previous times to look at the counter, unfortunately each time there was no assistant to help me. Today I was lucky, not only was there a counter assistant, but she was the most welcoming, lovely and may I add very professional lady. Asma if you are reading this is was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again rather soon.  It was worth the wait!!

I had made my mind up, I was not leaving the counter with a purchase! But I could not decide exactly what that would be!! You know me by now, I cannot resist a good lip stick so that is what I chose. Givenchy lipsticks are beautiful, the packaging is so luxurious. I felt instantly drawn to the range Le Rouge and more to the limited edition range!!

The packing is White leather and chrome, what a delightful design. I have never seen anything quite like this before. A leather lipstick case? The case feels super heavy and very exspensive, its a total treat. Givenchy also have another Le Rouge range with black leather cases. I will be checking them out very soon.

What a truly amazing shade, I am totally in love. There were 2 shade choices for the limited edition range a bright hot pink and this little beauty. I am always drawn to the peachy pinks and corals, so I knew this had to be mine. The bullet screams luxury, I love the brands embossing into the bullet.

Just look at the pigmentation, it glides on like a dream. The finish is satin/matte and very long lasting on my lips. This feels so smooth and moisturising on my lips even though its semi matte it is not drying in the slightest. I find this finish in lip products last so much longer on my lips.


After having a lovely conversation with the sales assistant Asma, I was given a selection of goodies to try. What a fabulous opportunity to sample a variety of products from a brand I have no experience with. This made me super happy, I will be paying another visit to see Asma very soon. The perfume smells amazing, just my kind of scent, soft, musky and floral. I will be adding this to my wish list.

Asma assessed my skin and colour matched me to 2 foundations she felt would suit and benefit my skin type. Givenchy Perfexion #3 Perfect Sand and Eclat Matisime #3 Perfect Sand. I am yet to trial these but as soon as I do I will be sure to let you know how I get on. What impressed me was the added benefits to Givenchy foundations. They have added SPF 20 and PA +++ to their foundations, I feel protection for your skin is soooo important, so this information really caught my attention, I want to look after my skin as much as possible.

As Asma and I stood chatting at the counter another customer came over declaring her love for a product. She said she had recently paid a visit to America, she said the weather had been very hot and high levels of humidity. She had purchased this cream (Perfecting Wrinkle Correction Cream SPF15 PA ++)  before her holidays, especially for the trip and she could not believe the effects. She said her make up had stayed put, even in the extreme weather and her skin had not produced oily or become sweaty throughout the day. It had in fact remained silky smooth.

Asma gave me 2 samples of this wonder product to try for myself. I cannot wait to try this product, how very intriguing.


I had a wonderful experience visiting Givenchy today, I cannot wait to go back to try more from the brand. The treatment I received today by Asma was brilliant, she really took the time to listen to my concerns and look at my skin type and colour etc. I have a few goodies to try out and I will let you know how I get on with them very soon.
Givenchy Le Rouge #310 Croisiere Coral Limited Edition £24.00
Jen x


  1. Love the packaging... I have a mascara from Glossybox by Givenchy and I am really liking it xx

    1. Isn't the packaging lovely! I want more now! Xx

  2. Givency is my favourite non natural brand I adore their foundations, I have a family member who manages a Givency counter so I am lucky enough to have been given a lot of their make up before I switched to natural, it is a very pretty shade that you chose and I think it looks great with your colouring. x

    1. Ohh are you still using the items? If not blog sale?? Xxx

  3. This lipstick colour looks gorgeous :)

    Nyss x

    1. Thanx Huni, I'm really pleased with it xx

  4. Hello
    Would you happen to sell tour lipstick ?


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