Monday 20 May 2013

Chanel #Pirate

Isn't it funny how such a small bag can make me so happy. I was watching one of my favourite you tubers recently, who declared her undying love for this shade, on my list it went. I have to admit I totally agree, its beautiful.

I have done it again! I made another visit to my local Chanel counter and added this little gem to my collection. 

I love a good red polish, and this one is near on perfect! I absolutely love the shade, it's blood red, if you can imagine such a colour? I am so happy with this purchase, I own a few more reddish shades from Chanel, to include Fire (post box) and Rouge Noir (blacken red).

I painted a little finger to give you an idea of how it looks. I have applied 2 costs here and it's pretty much perfect. My pinkies are already painted, but I don't think my blog is the place to parade them!!

I was given a few goodies to try. The gold packaging is there higher range and so exciting!! They sell for extreme prices in the region of 200-300 hundred!! What a luxury this will be to try.

I recently brought Holiday and now Pirate, don't they look lovely. Both in the red family both very different. I have my eye on Cinema next, it is a pinkie red, I will show you once its mine.

There is something about Chanel nail polishes that I cannot resist. Is it the packaging? The shades? Or is it because most are limited edition? I'm not sure myself. All I know Is this collection will continue to grow.

Jen x


  1. This is such a classic shade, I love Chanel polishes. x

    1. I'm going to blog about my collection soon, stay tuned xx

  2. Both beautiful colours! I'm loving coral-reds at the minute x

  3. Beautiful colours! I'm loving coral-reds at the minute :) x

    1. I do too, Chanel have the best shades! Real lady colours xx


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