Tuesday 23 April 2013

Coloured Lip Balms

I cant tell you how long I wanted the Baby Lips, as they are not sold in the UK the only place to get them is via Ebay or Amazon. The prices are ridiculous, but I gave in and brought one. It cost around £10 including P&P. Silly I know, and then I found something even better. Whilst browsing Birchbox's website I stumbled across Korres offering. I had to try them out. I had a few points to spend at Birchbox so I only paid £4 for both of them. They are £7 each normally, but well worth it in  my opinion.

Here we have Rose, its the perfect Rosey flushed lip colour, just a sheer wash of colour. It has the most moisturising feel to the lips. You can build the colour up by applying several layers to the lips.

I couldn't decide what shade to get from the Baby Lips range, I looked at a few swatches on line, and decided to go for Cherry Me #15. It smells soooo nice, I love cherry scents, I remember having something similar a few years ago. This one applies lighter than Korres Rose, its a lovely balm feel, that adds that extra something to your lips without the full on lipstick.

And finally Korres Pink, this is a soft pink, very sheer again moisturising.It doesn't have a strong scent, I can smell Shea Butter. This is paraben free, mineral oil free,glycol free silicone free and ethanolamine free.

Here's a look at all three together, I would say Rose by Korres has the most pigment. But I like them all equally and wear them a lot. I would like to try more of the baby lips, I have heard they are coming to the UK in the spring/summer time. I truly hope this is true?


I own one of the YSL sheer lipsticks and I have swatched lots more colours, I honestly think these coloured lip balms compare to them but only at a fraction of the price. Soon I will be adding to my collection, also when I go away on my next holiday, I will most likely just take something like this.
Jen x


  1. These look so nice! I love the Korres rose one xx

  2. Thanks for sharing , I love the Korres lip balms they are divine. I was also lucky to get babylips via an American swap last year, think it was peach I got was lush. Love L xxx www.ascottishlass.net

  3. I hope thats true about the baby lips. All these look lovely. x


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