Wednesday 3 April 2013

By Terry Hyaluronic Blush

Peach Posh is another winning edition from the Hyaluronic range by, By Terry make up. This offering is the perfect blush, very different from any other I've tried. This is another occasion I'm so glad I asked the sales assistant to bring what she thought id like to try. This product had not caught my eye, and was not on my wish list, so if I wasn't introduced to this would I ever of noticed it??? I've not read any blog posts on this product yet.

The packaging is new to me, a blusher in a tube?? I suppose it's more hygienic and fantastic for make up artists. Also you have more control over the amount you squeeze out. Just be careful not to squeeze too much!

The formula is absolutely weightless, so light on the skin and looks just like a mousse in its appearance. This product is full of Hyaluronic acid, which locks moisture into your skin. This is what we want to ensure our skin stays in excellent condition throughout the day. What a fab idea to embed this into makeup. Think about it, we wear make up for a long time each day, so it actually makes sense. Keeping your skin hydrated and looking young.

I use a flat foundation brush to apply, it glides onto my skin beautifully. The effect is truly amazing, it gives you such a fresh glow. The colour is not a dark shade, more like a translucent whisper covering your skin. Provides me with the perfect cheek volume, it gives the illusion of sculpted cheekbones. It dries instantly into a velvet/matte finish, no stickiness here to report, Just so pretty. Once it sinks into skin the shade turns into more of a pinky peach, with a subtle pigments that shine. Applied to my hand you can just see it in the light. Ohhhh so nice, I wonder they make a lipstick like this???

Peach Posh is £28 for 15ml I purchased from Space N K. I know this is on the pricy side, but you only need a small amount so I can see this lasting a while.

Have you tried this blusher? Do you have another colour?

Jen x


  1. Oh my gosh! This looks gorgeous by terry is a great brand if its anything like the rosé de rose blush it will last forever lol!
    Great review :-) xxxx xxx

  2. Ohh I must look at that one, I'm really impressed so far. I'd like some other bits, maybe another lipstick?? Xx


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