Thursday 18 April 2013

Anita Grant

Whilst reading one of my favourite blogs Beauty_balm I noticed Sandra talking about a natural skin and hair care company, I trust Sandra's opinion, I had to take a look. I quickly found Anita Grant on twitter and after a few minutes gazing at the website I had ordered a few samples for my son and I to try. Yes I said my son, he has eczema and I am always looking for a cure.

Other companies take note! this is what I want, I like to try before I buy, and this is perfect. Reasonably priced, excellent sized samples and brilliant delivery times. My order was here within 2 days!!! I ordered on saturday and received my order on Monday. How amazing is that!!

Amaretto di Cupuacu 15gm £1.95
A light non greasy vitamin rich body butter that balances oil production, reduces flaky skin and dry patches. This can be applied to your whole body, key ingredients inlcude organic virgin coconut oil, organic sapcote seed oil and cupuacu butter. I have tried this on my son, now normally when I try a cream on him it can sting and hurt, even the natural ones. This was different, it did not hurt him. So we will continue use and hopefully see results. As I said we have only been trialling this since Monday.

Organic Sapcote and Coconut Pomade 15gm £2.65
A mixture of Organic Sapcaote Oil, Organic Fijian Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Castor Oil. this smell reminds me of sitting by the pool on Holiday, with the sun shinny down. This rejuvenating Pomaode will define curls in your hair, my hair has a tendency to go wavy, so I am hoping this will make it look better, than just a frizz!

Organic Sapcote Oil 15gm £1.95
This smells heavenly, just like a mxiture of fresh cherries and almond. I cant put this down! It thicker than you would imagine for an oil. But as soon as it is applied to the skin it melts. Key ingredients are Organic Sapcote Seed Oil. this will reduce flaky skin, scalp and dry patches, it also helps with Atopic Dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Whipped Butter Lavender and Sandalwood 15gm £1.95
The information immediately intrigued me, promotes strong healthy hair growth. In the basket it went. the ingredients are the usual I am drawn to Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Cupuacu Butter, Sandalwood Essential Oil and Organic Shea Butter.This is a leave in conditioner for your hair. I am yet to try this, it looks rich in texture so I want to try this on a day when I am at home, I have fine hair that can easily look greasy if I am not careful.

Organic Virgin Argan Oil 15ml £1.95
When I read about this one I thought Argan Oil?? will this  beat my Moroccan Oil?? I had to give it a go, I have tried this once on my wet hair, I could feel the oil stink straight in. I put a few drops of the Oil into my hands and smoothed onto my hair, within seconds there was no Oil on hands. I literally couldn't feel any oil on my hands, usually I have to wipe my hands after applying my Moroccan Oil. I would say it feels more rich than my usual Oil of choice, But on first impressions I really like it.

Organic Sapcote Shea 15gm £1.95
Key ingredients include Organic unrefined Shea Butter and Organic Sapcote Seed Oil. This claims to lock moisture into your skin or hair. It nourishes and hydrates skin, I have used this a few times, on application it melts into my skin, leaving it totally soft to the touch.

Coconut Rosewood  Dry Oil 15ml £2.15
Combined aromatic Organic Rosewood essential oil with an infusion of Organic Rose Buds in an Coconut oil base. As soon as I read this included Rose and Coconut I was sold. Two of my fave smells in the world. I am yet to try this, but I can tell you it smells amazing, and how pretty it the floating Rose bud. This can be used on the body or hair.

Anita Grant developed this range herself after suffering from harsh reaction form a 'safe' hair lotion, so the brand Anita Grant was launched in 2005.  What I like about this brand it that all packaging is 100% recyclable, its a family run business and all items are handmade to order. What more could you wish for?

I am gutted I did not pick up the Petroleum free jelly, the Lavender Rose shampoo bars and the Aloe Rose Oil Free Spray, oh my list could go on and on to be honest. Look out for my empties post when I can give you a full review of each product. I hope you take a look at Anita's website and follow her on twitter.
Jen x


  1. Fantastic to see a company offering such great trial sizes, I wish more would do it. Everything you go looks great! :) x

    1. I was really pleased with the samples, they are big enough to really try them out xx

  2. Thanks for posting this and introducing Anita Grant to me. I've just placed my first order of samples to try. Can't wait :}

    1. Hi Karen, that's fab!! What did you order? Xx

    2. I ordered mostly the same as you! They all sounded so nice. Tempted by so much but thought I'd try the sample sizes first x

    3. I ordered mostly the same as you. I like that you can buy sample sizes & can then decide which you like before ordering full sizes. X

  3. Thanks for the mention! I simply love the samples I got x

    1. Thank you for highlighting this fab company xx


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