Sunday 21 April 2013

American Apparel Pouch

A short while ago my friend Kim from itsallaboutkym hold me about this fantastic offer at American apparel. It was offering 30% online orders. I'd always wanted some of their leather pouches so I had to take this offer up. I ordered a few pieces including the medium black leather pouch I am showing you today.

I Carry this pouch around quite a lot. If I'm nipping out or around my house. I know that sounds rather strange but I do. It's got all the essentials I might need. So here we go, let's see what's inside.

Inside I have another pouch, this one is a natural fabric, I keep all my beauty care items in.

My I phone 5 ear phones, I have to use these if I'm watching a you tube video (like I always do!).

My beautiful Cath Kidston book and pencil. This is where I plan my blog posts and inspirational thoughts! Or maybe my next beauty wish list.

So here we have the current beauty must haves, the things I can't be without. A hair band, standard!
My lovely Blooms Remedies balm, I need to buy a back up ASAP.

My lip balm of choice Nuxe Reve de Miel (can't use up my beloved by terry).

A handy glasses wipe, yes I wear glasses! I wear contacts each day but as soon as I get home from work, I take them out and on go my geek chic glasses, heaven.

An old EOS hand cream I'm using up, I have the berry scented one as well but I prefer this scent.

Lastly a hand sanitizer, I have OCD tendencies, I'm always washing my hands or rubbing in this.
As a health and social care teacher it's embedded in me now.

More editions from my fabric pouch, another hand cream. l'Occitane rose scented is a firm fave of mine. I love the scent and how thick the cream is.

Balance me face oil, this came from a beauty box and its so handy to use, I love the roller ball. I tend to rub it into my frown lines or any other fine lines I've noticed.

I'm currently trialling the Rapid Brow, I've only been using this for a couple of weeks so I won't say anymore, yet!

Then we have the Sugar lip balm, this is lovely it gives a perfect flush of colour to the lips. It's scented with lemon which is not my favourite scent, but this is not too heavily scented so I can cope with it.

Here we have a Loreal eyelash serum, claims to lengthen your lashes whilst reconditions them at the Same time.

A gorgeous Balance Me hand cream, this smells so nice.

A sample bottle of my beloved Moroccan Oil, I have this oil in every size!! It's amazing, I sometimes slather this on whilst watching the tv. It really dose wonders for your hair.

So there we have what's in my black leather pouch, I have another one in purple that I swap often swap with I really enjoy using them.

Jen x


  1. I love morrocanoil, those sample bottles last ages xx

  2. They are fab!! Handy for my handbag xx


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