Wednesday 30 October 2013

Skincare haul

This post is all about the repurhcases!!! These products are some that I absolutely love, some I have brought time and time again. Than thrown into the mix are a few samples and a fab free GWP from a fave brand of mine Origins.

I purchased another Botanics cleansing balm, this honestly has to be number 5 or 6! I love this, I did not think I would as I can be quite snobby with my brands to be very honest. And, oh my all time fave bath salts. These are beautiful (if you love rose!) and a bargain if you ask me. They only cost a few ££ and last a few baths, brilliant.

I have made my way through a couple of bottle of 'A Perfect World' toner now and my skin seems to love it. I was without it for a week or so, wow did I see a difference in my skin, a bad difference. I had to make the purchase again and vowed to never be without it ever again. I was offered a choice of GWP, I opted for the brightening range. You get a cleanser, serum and moisturiser to try in a sample size. I also got a small moisturiser in the tub. I was extremely happy to receive it, I have tried it before and what a lovely cream it was. I like to use mine at night time, its quite rich and very nourishing.

I have a few Origins products now, and I am loving them all. Have you tried the brand? Would you like to hear about the ones I love? Origins is a natural brand, they use no nasty ingredients in there products. I really like that, there packaging is nice and looks rather nice on my sliver tray! I have certainly noticed a change in my skin of late, I really need to write a blog post about my usual routine, its changed a lot to say the least.
Jen x


  1. Love the look of the bath salts, where do you get them hun? Xx

  2. Lovely haul! I love reading posts like these where people list their repurchases. Those bath salts sound great :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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