Friday 25 October 2013

Inglot freedom system #10

Here's my first instalment of my holiday haul! I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled across Inglot whilst holidaying in the beautiful Gran Canaria. I just knew I had to pick a palette up, especially when I noticed the cost, the 10 pan palette with 12 pans cost 50 Euros!! That's £42.00, a lot cheaper then UK prices. I will explain more about the reasons I got 12 pans a little later. There's always a story isn't there..........

My plan was to pick out 5 warm tones and 5 cool tones, and believe me this was a difficult task! There was literally so many shades, tones and well I did not know where to begin. Then I noticed the 'Noble Collection' and my collection began!

They all come well packing, in a box and then sealed in small plastic holders. The pans are a lot bigger than Mac shadows. I am so happy with my selection.

So here we have my choices, top line are my warm shadows and cool on the bottom. I really feel in love with the cool tones, I have been loving the taupe/purple tones since the lovely Megan sent me a few in our amazing swap. I also added the bright russet shade because I thought it looked similar to the one in the new Kat Von D palette.

Warm shadows  L-R
  • 341
  • 337
  • 357
  • 335
  • 154 (Noble Collection)

Cool shadows L-R
  • 390
  • 344
  • 358
  • 342
  • 153 (Noble Collection)

I have been reaching for this little beauty most days, I feel quite pleased with myself for selecting such a great palette. The shades from the 'Noble Colleciton' are absolutely a dream to use. They feel creamy and smooth, there was 5 in the collection but I only liked these ones. I do hope Inglot bring more out in the same texture/formula.

I was given an extra 2 pans, one more of 153 from the 'Noble Colleciton' apparently I was the only one to swatch the one in store (it had only been out that very day I went in) and I brought the last one. The fab sales assistant said the collection was sold out now and they had no use for the testers. I was also given the multi shadow pan as I spent a lot of ££ in the store. I don't think they had ever sold a 10 pan before?? I picked out the triple pan one specifically for my eye brows, I thought it would be great for blending the right colour together.

Here's a swatch of each shade within the triple pan. Please excuse my funny looking arm, I have just returned from my holiday and I tried my best not to catch too much sun, I really don't want crepe skin as I age, by the looks of things I did not do a great job of protecting my skin. I was wearing factor 30 as well.

Here's my new Inglot palette next to my old one. I could not believe it, when I got home I was sure I had picked out some of the same colours and I hadn't! How lucky was I.

I popped my extra pans into my Unii Palette, along with a few Estee Lauder eye shadows and an old bronzer. The pans attached to the palette without the needs of a magnet.

So here's my thoughts of the eye shadows, I love the 'Noble Collection' the best. I think you may have already gathered that? I do love the others as well but I do find they can be ever so slightly powdery, with a little fall out. The pigmentation is fabulous, and they blend beautifully with my Mac 217. I would most certainly look at purchasing more in the future, maybe on my next trip to Gran Canaria.
Jen x


  1. Fab bag of goodies there! They all look great, very jealous!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. wow that looks amazing and those shades look fantastic x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Dying to pick one of these up! xxx

  4. I went and bought 10 individual eyeshadows and have only just remembered I haven't used them at all yet!! They looked so gorge though, I love the packaging and the compactness of the

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict Xxx

  5. you picked up such gorgeous shades!! xx


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