Sunday 11 August 2013

Unloved lippies

I have quite a make up collection now, this can sometimes cause me to forget about certain items, leaving them unloved. I took a look through my lippies and found these four. They had been totally forgotten about, I don't think 3 of them have ever been worn!

I have decided to check through my collection more regularly and select items to get some loving and actually see if they are for me or not. If they are not for me I will be finding them a new home. Here's what I have chosen this week.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil  #Sex Machine
I cant believe I had forgotten about this one, its simply beautiful and a true 'Jen' colour. I love the finish on my lips, although its matte its not drying on my lips. In fact my lips feel soo smooth once is this applied. I love the shade, my lips but much better.

Topshop Lip Crayon #Powder Room
I had swatched this shade so many times I can tell you, and never actually brought one. I received this in a recent Selfridges beauty box. I am really pleased I finally own one. I had left this in a storage box in my make up collection. I have never worn it, not even once, I think the pink is nice but could be quite bright? I need to give it a go, maybe rub the colour into my lips with my ring finger? How do you wear yours?

Nars #Turkish Delight
This mini lip gloss was part of a gift set, I really don't like wearing lip glosses, I am not sure why? Maybe the wetness on my lips? Or the way my long hair sticks to my lips? I need to get over this, I have some lovely lip glosses going unloved in my collection. I like the gentle baby pink colour this offers. Its a shame not to use it, I am going to try on hardest to give it a go. The shade is very pale, a milky baby pink, it actually reminds me of my beloved By Terry lip balm.

Nars #Greek Holiday
This was also from the same gift set, and again I have never used it. I love the gentle shimmer this offers. This is perfect for daytime wearing, as I said earlier I am going to try my hardest to incorporate my lip glosses into my make up routine. I will be taking this one on my holiday as well.

This blog post has really given me food for thought. I have so many products that get no love from me, some are due to giving into the blogger hype, holy grail must have products. That would never work with my skin type etc, but of course I had to buy them, just because......... Nars sheer glow is one I can name oh and Chanel Vitalumiere aqua, believe me there are many more. Both products look awful on my skin type, I have tried primers, powders and every trick in the book, its just not going to happen.
Have you got any unloved products? If so what do you do with them? Do you shop your stash to rotate your collection? Or blog sale?
I will take a look through my collection and decide what to select for my next unloved post, foundations will certainly be a subject one week.
Jen x


  1. I love Nars Turkish Delight and Holiday, and you've just reminded me that I new to wear them more often! :)

  2. Sex Machine is one of my all time faves-in fact it's pretty much a stub now! Turkish delight is Nars biggest selling gloss but I just cant get on board with it.

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  3. Gosh you have given me some food for thought with sorting my make-up out, wonder what treasures I will find xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!


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