Tuesday 27 August 2013

Mummies draw find

Don't you just love a good route through other peoples beauty draws, I know I do. I had a look through my mum's draw recently and found some fab bits. Bless my mum she has a basic beauty routine and has used the same brands for years, she loves what she uses and wont try new bits. I don't know where I get my passion from when it comes to Beauty?? My mum had some amazing bits in her draw and did not want them so they came home with me! I also found a brand new bottle of Anais Anais, oh my, can you remember the scent? It reminds me of the 90's, I used to wear that all the time along with Lou Lou, memories...............................Today I am talking about a little pot of luxury, a tiny pot of Dior.

Dior Capture Totale Creme 50ml £107.95
The tub I have is 15ml so works out in value to £32.38, I think this is the most expensive cream I have EVER tried. In fact I have never really tried any skin care from the brand Dior. I was super excited to try this, I own a few items of make up from Dior, the skin care is something I have never looked at.

The formula is a thick creamy pink colour, it feels so nourishing on my skin. The cream is heavily scented, I don't mind this in fact I quite like it. It makes the experience even more special. I love the way this leaves my skin,

Have you tried this range before? I have enjoyed using this trial sized pot of amaziness, I doubt I will have the pleasure of using anything as expensive as this anytime soon, I savoured each application.
Jen x


  1. £3238 thats an exspensive cream haha, im guessing its not that much or id cry if someone spent that on a cream lol :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.


    Frankie xXx

  2. Ah so glad it's not just me who does this, I swear my mum's makeup/beauty draw is the best place to find hidden, and often expensive, treasures.

    I do love Dior skin care though, but its a shame they are so pricey!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I've not used Dior skincare in years! Try and pick it up when they've got a GWP on x

  4. great to check out the stuff your mum doesn't use, i do the same :-)


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