Friday 23 August 2013

Look #Mini Makeover Palette

I noticed this cute little set whilst reading my weekly Look magazine. It initially caught my eye as they were reduced from £6.00 down to £3.00 I promptly added it to my list to look at.

On my next trip to town I nipped into Super drug, OMG I have never seen such a dirty, messy and untidy shop. Every time I go to a super drug, it does not matter what town either they are all the same. All the products are open and swatched. Mess everywhere, I cannot understand why this is the case?? Anyway onto the product, I was extremely lucky to find the colour I wanted #Blue Eyes untouched. I grabbed it quick.

The palette is teeny tiny, its super cute and perfect for travel. The actually shape of it reminds me greatly of the Kardashian Palette, I don't own one so I cant compare but from what I've seen on other blog post they look similar.

The top tier has 8 highly pigmented eye shadows and the bottom tier has 1 blusher and 4 lip products. I think this has been put together really well, the colours complement each other and the blusher works well worth all the eye shadows. It's not often you can purchase a set and can use every item in it.

Wow just Wow, look at the pigmentation, even at full price £6.00 these eye shadows and blusher are simply beautiful, I cannot get over the quality of them. I am thankful for the sale thou, as I would not have looked at this if it had not been on sale.

I absolutely love the colours as well, totally the shades I would go for. Just look at the colours below aren't they pretty. I actually love them all, I am able to use this palette and nothing else. This will be going in my suitcase when I go on holiday for sure.

There are other Mini Makeover Palette's in this collection but unfortunately I was unable to look at them in store due to the poor display and NO testers out either. I have read the advertising in Look magazine and they have a set for every different eye colour. I would love to see what the eye shadows look like.
 Have you seen these in Super drug? I may nip back into town to check if they have anymore in stock, and for £3.00 I may even pick another one up.
Jen x

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