Thursday 25 July 2013


I have seen the brand Sinfulcolor quite a lot lately on numerous blogs, they seem to be the latest blogger must have product! And as usual my local Boots is the last to the party! Finally I have been able to get my hands on a few to try. At only £1.99 how could I resist grabbing a few to try. I felt drawn to the pastels mostly, lets go and see what I got.

Boogie Nights
A lovely coral shade, quite thin in formula. It took 3 coats to get an opaque cover, the finished look is creamy.

Island Coral
A pink pastel shade, completely opaque in 2 coats. A creamy finish, I love this shade, its a must have.

A gorgeous orange/coral, completely opaque in 2 coats, a lovely creamy finish. I have this on my pinkies at the moment. This is a summer shade, perfect for my holidays.

This one is quite different to my other selections, a dark green base with tiny glitters in gold, green and turquoise. I picked this one up to use on my ring finger when I am wearing my Chanel Azure.

Be Happy
A gorgeous creamy pastel green, maybe a dupe for Essies Mint Candy Apple??? I will report back.


A pastel baby blue, with tiny shimmers of pink and sliver. I beautiful colour. I have this on my fingers now and I have received so many complements! Everyone has been asking what it is. Another must have, grab this quick whilst you can.


Mint Apple
Slightly darker than Be Happy, I am sure this is a dupe for Essies summer collection Naughty Nautical?? This has a slight sliver shimmer undertone. I would say grab this quick, its simply amazing.

I gave myself a manicure with Be happy and a pedicure with Island Coral, I have been pleased with the wearing on my fingers. I normally have chips within an hour or two! I have been rocking it for two days now and no chips. I will certainly be picking a few more up in  the future. My only negative comment would have to be the names, I don't think they have been well thought out. Some of the names have no link to the shade at all, I like it when the shades relate to the names, I hope sinfulcolors change that soon.
Have you tried Sinfulcolor yet? I highly recommend these offerings, they are excellent value for money, especially the fashionable shades you may not want to pay Chanel prices for.
Jen x

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  1. These bottles are so cute so handy to pop in your bag when on the go! Lovely colours too. X


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