Sunday 28 July 2013

Guerlain Creme Camphrea

This is an unheard of product, one that I found by chance. And now it's one I could not live without! Its another one of those occasions when I explored a beauty counter with a very nice, helpful assistant. I was sent away with lots of samples to try for myself, I must admit looking at my sample of this product I did not feel excited. I gave it a go anyway and wow, I had to go back and make my purchase!! As some of you may know I struggle with my skin, lately it has been breaking out and extremely hard to look after.

Guerlain is a beautiful brand, I believe its up their with brands like Givenchy and Chanel, but is often over looked. If you take a look at the products, you will see how the make up range is packaged in such chic casings. Today I am talking about this little tube of amazingness, yes this is full sized at 15ml a little goes a long way I assure you. Creme Camphrea is a multi use product, I have tried it all ways and wow, its good at its job that's for sure.

There are multi uses for this product, here's how I have tried it:-
  • As a primer underneath your make up, instantly helps to tighten pores and leave a smooth base for your foundation.
  • Use as a concealer to hide blemishes or scar tissue.
  • As a spot treatment, this product will dry out spots and help to prevent new ones appearing.
  • As an over night facial treatment, use twice a week.

The formula is very thick, you only need a pea sized amount to cover your whole face. I tend to dab onto my spots directly as a treatment or if I want my make up to stay all day I will smooth some over my T Zone. This works as a excellent primer especially in this humid weather.

This is an effective product for spot reduction and acne control, its as simply as that. This is an effective product, I am shocked its not spoken about more??? If you suffer from break outs or the occasional spot you need to have a tube of this in your collection. Its a staple in mine, I wont let it hide away in the back of my draw again! Its staying on my dressing table forever.
Jen x
I purchased mine from Debenhams for £20.25

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