Sunday 23 June 2013


My name is Jen and I have a problem, that problem is Lush Bath Bombs and Bars! I cannot take a bath without popping one into the water. I spend way too much money on them, but they make my water feel so nice I cannot resist.

I have a glass jar that is filled with a selection of my fave picks from Lush. Some of the ones shown today I buy in multiples, but have photographed one for the purpose of this post.

Karma Bubble Bar £3.15
Love, love, love this scent. It has to be one of my all time favourite Lush scents. It has a beautiful sensual smell. The water turns a wonderful peachy shade, oils include Patchouli, lavender and orange.

Dorothy Bubble Bar £2.99
My favourite bubble bar, this smells like figs, I love it! It has a soft scent, the bath turns blue, so I only add a little. The oils include Ylang Ylang and Orange Flower.

Splat Bomb Ballistic £3.15
I have no idea what is in this, I have researched but its not on the website and the label was hand written. It smells nice, I am yet to try it.

Pop in the Bath Bath Bar £2.90
A delicate scent, very girlie and feminine. I always pick a few of these up, they come in different colours, they all smell the same! I just prefer the pastel shades in my bedroom. Oils include Bergamont, Mandarin, lemon and orange.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb £2.65
Need I say more, its all about the roses here! I love rose scents, if you have read my blog posts before you would know my love already. The bomb is so pretty, once the bomb disperses lots of rose buds and petals fill the bath, I love laying in the bath surrounded by roses! Definitely one to try for the experience if nothing else.

Blackberry Bath Bomb £2.95
Considering the size of this bomb I think its well priced. This is a new try for me, not one has has caught my attention before. I am yet to try it, oils include Bergamont and Frankincense. Looking at the oils I am shocked this has not been in my possession before? I am drawn to those scents, I look forward to trying it now.

Here is a picture of my beloved Glass Jar. I brought this from Wilkinson's for £5.99ish. I like to keep the lid off the jar because it fills my room with the amazing aroma from the goodies. This is the best air freshener I have ever had.

Do you love Lush? What are your favourite products? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Jen x


  1. I love your bath bomb jar! I love Dragon's Egg and Rose jam bubbleroon x

  2. I am a total lushaholic and really want Rose Queen. Does storing them in the jar prevent them going a bit stale? xx


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