Friday 21 June 2013

Exfoliating Toners??

After reading a few posts on exfoliating toners, it gave me plenty of food for thought. If I am completely honest I have never religiously used toners or even fully understood what they actually did. I have since read up on this thought, and found out how important a toner is in your daily skin care routine. I had a look around in my skin care stash and found 2 exfoliating toners, after reading up on other well recommended toners  I promptly trotted off to purchase the Clarins edition to add to the collection. So here goes lets look at all 3.

Lancome Tonique Eclat 200ml  £22.00
This has been in my collection for over a year, and I had no clue what is actually did or how it should be used!!! How bad is that? I had tried it here and there but not regularly until recently, I love the results. This offering is quite potent and if I try to use it too often my skin can feel sore. I stick to 2-3 times per week. I have received compliments from make up counter assistants who I go to regularly, one kind hearted girl said my skin looked so much more smoother, she asked what I had been using!

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator 200ml £25.00
This is being raved about right left and centre! I have not tried it yet. I am going to crack it open once the Lancome is finished.


Alpha H Liquid Gold 200ml £50ish
I purchased this a while ago, I tried it but again was not really sure what I was doing with it! I even have a back up of this in my stash. Someone please explain when and how I should be using this to get the best results.

I am really trying to get a good skin care routine going, I tend to double cleanse using my beloved Origins oil and once I am in the bath I follow up with a balm cleanser, maybe my Emma Hardie. I use my exfoliating toner 2-3 times per week and then follow up with a moisturising toner at the moment that is a new edition from Ginvera. I wont go into my serums, oils and moisturisers. My skin care routine has its own post coming up very soon.
 I was recently chatting to the lovely Ana about toners, we discussed the Ren Clarifying Toning Lotion (£18.00). Ana explained she had in fact tried it before and thoroughly enjoyed it. This thought did not leave my mind, and whilst in Space N K recently it some how slipped into my basket! Its waiting patiently on the side lines until its time to try, do I try this next? or the Clarins one? I am very nearly out of the lancome one. Decision's decision's!
Are any of you trying the double cleanse? and double Tone? This concept is very new and most of the skin care assistants I chat to on the counters have not heard about it! I am loving the results on my skin.
Jen x


  1. Alpha H is very strong, and so not for every day use. I would use it in the evenings, a maximum of three times a week. There is no need to use anything else over the top. Be sure to use it in the evenings, as acid products make skin sensitive to sun, and so something this strong would be best used at night really.x

  2. Thank you for the mention, I am using the Natural wisdom exfoliant that I told you about, I am hoping it will do the trick! xx

  3. AlphaH isn't to be used as a toner as part of your routine. It's an over night treatment for cell renewal and scarring and acne. You should only use it every other day, cleanse then sweep it over skin with a cotton pad then don't put anything else on at all. I got brilliant results with it and still use it xxx


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