Friday 28 June 2013

Barry M Lip Paint #Touch of Magic

Following on from yesterdays blog post about the lovely Lipstick Queen's #Hello Sailor. I found this addidtion whilst persuing the Barry M stand in boots a few days ago. What a fab product to carry out a comparison post with. A quick glance made me think this Barry M Lip Paint #Touch of Magic was a similar product to yesterdays lipstick. Lets see how they compare.............

The Lip Paint is a sheer formula that is waterproof, feels fabulous on my lips, so moisturising with added Aloe Vera. This long lasting Lip Paint will stain your lips for upto 8 hours. The beauty of this product is it reacts differnetly on each person, the colour will depend on your Alkali level on your lips. For me this means bright pink! I love it, I sit and watch the transformation on my lips and its unbelievable. I need to add this has excellent staying power. A beautiful stain in left behind on my lips once the moisture has worn away.

I love the quirkinees of this Lip Paint, bright green!! I love different products and the mystery of this product is intruiging to me. This Lip Paint will be traveling with me on my holiday for sure, I like my make up to last well whilst on my holidays and this will certainly do that. The swatch on my hand in the picture above was still on my hand the next morning, it just would not rub away.
Yesterdays Lipstick queen offering is so different to this edition, if you want a sheer but unsual wash of colour I would go for Lipstick Queen #Hello Sailor. Or if you prefer a bright, wow factor in colour then Barry M is for you. Dont forget the price difference thou £20.00 or £3.99. The choice is yours, I know which one I would take (both) hehe.
 Boots £3.99
Jen x


  1. This looks like a fun lippy, I wonder what it would turn out like on me! xx

  2. How incredible! Hadn't heard of this before, what an unusual product! Must try one xxx


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