Friday 31 May 2013

Chanel volume de Chanel

I am super excited about this little Chanel box!! I have no idea how this actually landed on my door step? I had noticed a lot of other bloggers had been posting about the Le Volume De Chanel mascara launch, I had even asked them how I could apply for one. I must of completed some form or clicked on something, but I have no idea where or when. I am so glad I have been able to try this out. I am completely in love.

Here we have Chanel's new offering on the mascara front. Le Volume De Chanel, what a wonderful design, formula and application. I have never had such full, long and beautiful lashes. I received so many compliments from others whilst wearing it. 
The attention to detail is amazing, this is only a sample and look how they have packaged it. A perfect box, it actually reminded of a pallet, with a mirror! I used the mirror the first time a slathered this beauty on my eyelashes. It seems a shame to throw the box out!

I like the mascara tube black, smooth and shiny. I just love Chanel's packaging, they look so classic. All black with that iconic Chanel logo. Simple but those words say a lot.

I don't normally like the plastic brushes, although I have not tried that many to be honest. There was quite a lot of product on the brush when I took it out the tube, this was not an issue on application, there was no clumpiness or lumpy bits.  My lashes looked amazing, really long and defined. I honestly looked like I had falsies on, I had no flaky bits or dark smudges under my eyes like some mascara's can leave me with. I am really pleased with the results and this is now on my wish list. What an excellent sized sample, I think this will last me for a while.


I would highly recommend you give this a go, if you are looking for full luscious lashes. I did ask at a few counters to buy this mascara and they were completely out!! Wow I predict this will be a best seller.

Jen x


  1. I am loving the look of this, it is so cute xx

  2. This mascara actually had aFar East/Middle East launch waaaaay before the UK but it was like hens teeth to get hold of one! I finally got one about 6 weeks before the Uk launch and I love it! You really look like you have dense thick lashes with no smudging. I have extensions on at the moment so haven't worn mascara for the past 4 weeks but am how really missing it!!! X


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