Saturday 27 April 2013

Samples #3

I love writing these posts, I enjoy sieving through my draws to see what samples I can try this time. I have a variety of different items to try and I have found some outstanding products through sampling first. I love trying new things.

Lush Figs and Leaves Soap
My absolute favourite bath bomb is Dorothy and I've heard this soap smells just the same!! I cant wait to try this. It looks creamy and soft to the touch.

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
The lovely sales assistant recommended this for my son to try, he has extremely dry skin. I am looking for something to help. This smells just like honey, Yummy.

Lush Karma Soap
Karma is another scent from lush that I love, oh its soooo nice. I own a few bath bombs and the solid perfume. I had no idea they made this soap until I got talking to the sales assistant. I cant stop sniffing this!!

Kadria Baby Balm
I stumbled across this company on twitter, I felt intrigued to try after reading the product information. It has amazing ingredients, and huge benefits. I used this last night. Oh my!!!! I wont report back yet but if I get the same results tonight I am speechless.

Kadria Baby Oil
This oil has a delicate scent, I tried some of my hand and my skin loved it. It rubbed in easily, no oiliness after use.

John Masters Lavender Rosemary Shampoo
I am completely new to this brand, I cant wait to try.

John Masters Citrus and Neroli
Again as above.

Dr Bronners Citrus Orange Soap
I already use the Rose and Lavender scented versions of this soap. I really enjoy using this soap to wash with and to cleanse my make up brushes. I would not normally be drawn to this scent, but I am happy to try it. You never know I may love it.

Dr Bronners Shikakai Soap
This scent from what I can gather is made especially for babies. I may try this on my sons skin.

Neals Yard Remedies Wild Rose Body Elixir
This sample smells just like a real rose, oh I could smell this all day. Its quite thick in texture.

Neals Yard Remedies Rose and Mallow Moisturiser
This one smells just like a Turkish delight bar. Its quite sweet, I will try this on my neck and chest area as my skin on my face is still breaking out.

Neal Yard Remedies Rose Body Cream
The texture of this body cream is really thick, very luxurious. I would like to purchase a nice body cream like this at some point. As you know Rose scent is perfect for me.

Neals Yard Remedies Rose Body Cream
Same as above, sorry I had not realised I posted this one twice.

Clinique CC Cream in Light
I collected this sample yesterday from a Clinique counter. Go get yours now, They will match your skin tone and provide you with a 5 day sample. It was funny as the lady put the wrong colour in the intitla pot and said oh well theres your summer colour and than gave me the light one to try now! Made me chuckle.

Burberry Fresh Glow
This little gem is from my Harrods haul, Its a high lighter that can also be added to your foundation for that perfect glow. I will try to use this both ways and let you know.

Bumble and Bumble Bb Texture
I have read so much about this brand, its seems to be a cult brand for beauty bloggers. I am really excited to try this one. I am not sure how this will work with my hair. I have blond hair, past my shoulders that naturally falls into waves.

Anita Grant Organic Sapote Seed Oil
I am going to rub this into my scalp and leave it over night. My scalp is rather dry at the moment. I trust Anita's products and know I will see results.

K Pour Karite Gentle Shampoo
Completely new to this brand, I recently made an order with LucyRose1 (post to come soon) and I got a few samples to try. This being one of them, its a fab sample size, I am sure I will get 2-3 washes out of it.

Anita Grant Coconut Rosewood Water
I will be using this as a treatment for my skin, or hair?? The ingredients look like the would nourish both so I will see.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
I have tried this before and totally enjoyed it. I will carry this in my handbag, its the perfect size. The formula is thick so you don't need to use that much. Shea butter smells so natural, its a creamy scent.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm
I got this is my latest in Beauty Box. I was super excited to try this, it seems every blogger in the land loves this. I wonder whether the name entices people? Its rather naughty.

Oskia Nutri-Active Nourishing and Regenerating Cream
My lovely friend Jen from (please check out her amazing blog) sent me a few things to try. I have not heard about this brand before. When reading the information on the packaging, it certainly sounds a luxury product.

Oskia Radiance, Energy and Protection Booster
Same as above, thanks Jen I look forward to trying my bits.

Origins Mega Mushroom Mask
I have tried this before from the very first application it was love.
 The full size is quite costly, I hope to buy a tube soon!!! But until I can I will try to get the odd sample once in a while.

L'Occitane Divine Cream
More samples form Jen, I have not tried the Divine range before, I believe this is the more expensive side of L'Occitane. I cant Wait to report back to you.

L'Occitane Divine Eyes
This sample is a blessing, more recently I have noticed my eyes becoming dry and fine lines appearing. I hope to try a few products and find the one that makes a difference to me.

 I hope you like my picture back ground? Do you recognise it?? Its the beautiful Pearl Lowe designed Glossy Box. I would of liked at least 4 of these to keep out on display in my beauty room. What a fab design, its my choice of pattern and colours.
Jen x


  1. You've got some lovely samples to try - can I come raid your sample box ;) I adore all John Masters products and a huge Anita Grant fan x

  2. You have some great samples there hun, look forward to reading more about them xx

  3. Oh they all look great - do you know i've never tried any Lush products - I think that may even be a beauty blogging crime. Thanks for sharing, hope you enjoy trying them all out. L xx A Scottish Lass <3


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