Tuesday 16 April 2013

Harrods Samples/GWP

As you know I had a little road trip last weekend and made a pit stop at Harrods!! Yippee. I made 3 purchases from Burberry (see my previous posts) and was given a few goodies to try.

I was given this beautiful Burberry
Make up remover. Its a creamy consistency and works a treat. It does not irritate my eyes as some can. It actually feels quite soothing. I cannot find a price for this??? I am not sure it is available to purchase?

Next up is this amazing mirror! Exactly the same design as the make up, a pewter case embossed with the iconic Burberry print. Safely nestled in the velvet pouch.

The mirror is 2 sided, one being a magnifying mirror and the other a normal focus. Perfect for my handbag.

On the left we have a generous sample of Burberry Body Perfume, I had one of these in a previous Glossy Box. I love this scent, so I am super happy to have another.

I was given 3 samples of base/face products.

Matt Foundation in #203
I have tried this a couple of times. Its a tad too dark for me, but I can make it work. You have to work really fast with this as it dries super quick. It gives a lovely matt finish to my skin.

Sheer foundation #04
I am yet to try this, so I will report back to you when I do.

Fresh Glow
Is a multi use product, it can be added to foundation to give you that uluminated glow, that lit from within look, or it can be used simply as a highlight.

As I was leaving Harrods a lovely sales assistant from Creme De La Mer asked if i would like to try their creams?? I of course said it would be an absolute pleasure! I was presented with this cute little pouch, inside I found the original cream we have heard so much about. The same one I am informed Jennifer Lopez slathers on her entire body!! And the lighter version. I also received one of theses creams a few weeks ago whilst visiting Birmingham's bullring shopping centre. I am yet to try these creams yet, my skin is really not good at the moment.

I had a wonderful time shopping in harrods, I have only stepped inside Harrods around 3 times in my entire life so this was a real treat. I hope to go back soon, the shop is magical, I feel like I am in a movie or something. I could quite easily spend a couple of days looking around. It is so big I need time to explore.

Jen x

Hope you enjoyed my Harrods haul.

Jen x

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