Tuesday 26 March 2013

What's in my Mulberry make up bag....

I thought I would show you what's in my daily make up bag, I change my items around a lot, so this is what I am using at the moment.

My make up bag is from Mulberry, a present from my husband last Christmas. Isn't it beautiful, I think so. I can fit quite a few products into this little one.

This is what I am currently loving, a mixture of Nars, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Mac, Burberry, Ysl and Lancôme. As you can tell, I love my neutral colours. Well you will do as this post continues.

Below is 2 of my Nars blushers, on the left Luster. This is sooooo pretty, quite a sheer wash of colour. It's not as dark as a peachy shade but in that family. In the middle is a new addiction from Mac, I suffer with the dreaded lunch time shine, some may like this effect but its not for me. I've been trialling this for a short time only, but so far I like. On the right we have my newest Nars blusher, Douceur. I have wanted to buy the Tarte blusher in Exposed, but as you know they are extremely difficult to get hold of in the UK. I noticed a fellow blogger had written a comparison review on Exposed and Douceur, they are very similar, the swatches looked almost the same. This is what led to this purchase. I am happy I did, it's being used most days, either as a natural blusher or I use as a contour. Perfect!

So here we have my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. I absolutely love the finish, on me it's like satin. Blends like a dream with my Sigma F80. Yes I am back to using that old treasure. I am not sure the colour is right for me?? I might pick up the shade lighter and try that one.

The Touché Éclat by Ysl does not need an introduction, if you have not heard about this where have you been all these years?? I'm sure this is been on the market for around the 20 year mark? I have shade one, it works miracles each morning to wake my under eye area up. I need this type of help at the moment. Whilst we talk about this area I dust a little magic over the top, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in number 1. I use the tiniest sprinkle with my Real Technique contour brush.

Finally Mac's most loved eye shadows (by meeeeeeeee) this is the new design from Mac. I have a 4 pan pallet, I find this much easier to use than my 15 pan edition. I find my large pallet can be rather over whelming when trying to decide the look I want. Top row left is my very first Mac eye shadow Patina, if you have not got this, may I ask why?? Holy Grail item, I will always have this shade in my collection. On the right is Naked Lunch, a perfect base colour and a little highlight for inner corners. Bottom row on the left is Satin Taupe, a lovely crease colour that I has also used for a smoky effect. Finally on the left my most recent purchase is Sable, it took 1 swatch to the back of my hand and it was mine. I cannot believe it took me so long to find this? Had I not looked at this before?? I really enjoy using this little pallet, all the colours are just right for me. I can get quite a few looks from this little carefully selected quad.

The mascara I'm using up is Lancôme Doll Eyes, it's a nice offering but I have to be honest my all time favourite is Definicils by Lancôme. I will repurchase this once I have used up all the others I have. The outside right is a Chanel kohl crayon in Ambre, just a nice brown shade to provide some definition to my outer corners, I sometimes smudge alone my top lashes. Next to this is my new Mac eye brow enhancer in Fling, I have only used 2-3 times but its been great to fill in my sparse eyebrows. The centre is just amazing don't you think? It's the perfect pink in a lipstick. It's was brought for me at Christmas, imagine my excitement when my little nephew gave my a Burberry bag with lipsticks in!!! I literally let out a squeal. I wear this lipstick quite a lot, it's the shade I seem to be drawn to most when I look at lipsticks. Do you get that? I always seem to pick up the same shades, but in different brands. I should blog about that!

I thought I would show you this little extra on my make up bag, it's a little Mulberry pencil sharpener. How cute!! I don't think I will ever use this as I don't want it to get dirty. Great addiction Mulberry. I have a book cover in this same range and that also has this extra.

Just another look at the make up bag, you can unclip the sides to make more room, or clip in down to make it a rectangle shape. The leather is exquisite, it still looks new. I find with my other Mulberry belongings they never age, don't look worn and I've never had anything break. Considering I use daily. Excellent quality, this may be why my husband always trots off in their direction at most of the gift buying occasions, well I am not complaining.

What's in your make up bag? I'd love to read about your contents, I love a good nose around others.

Jen x


  1. If I ever meet you (Which I hope I do one day) I am stealing your make up bag and it's contents. ;) Great post. xx

  2. That bag is a beaut! I'm amazed at how much it holds. YSL Touche Eclat is my eye must have too.

  3. Thank you, it's a little cutie , boy did good xx

  4. Love love love your make up bag!! ;)


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