Thursday 21 March 2013


For years I searched for the perfect shampoo and conditioner, I think I have found it.

I wash my hair everyday without fail, I know most of you will be shouting 'NO' but it's just one of my OCD tendencies. I've tried several times to have a day off, but I can't I HAVE to wash my hair every morning in order to leave my house.

Here's a little history on my hair, in my teens I decided to perm my hair. It was the in thing at the time. Unfortunately the procedure left me with a sore scalp. Not only sore but scabby, sorry this is cringey, but true. This has continued in to adult years, soreness, itching and scabs.

I have tried soooo many products, even from my GP, but nothing seemed to soothe my scalp. Until I changed my hairdresser, they carried this brand 'Moroccanoil' I was super excited to have my hair washed. My first thought was how nice it smelt! Honestly so nice, my hairdresser chose the 'moisture repair' range. I highlight my hair, so you can imagine it gets quite dry at times. Basically I fell in love there and then! I had to buy the range, both shampoo and conditioner. The difference is amazing, the scabs have gone, itching and soreness totally vanished. This problem had hindered me or over 10 years and now, nothing.

The formula is thick, you only need half the amount of regular products. The shampoo lathers into a mountain of bubbles. Now this is vey unusual considering these items are free from 'sulfate-phosphate-paraben free. Extra bonus points for me!

I brought this range on Feel Unique and my local hairdressers salon. They are available in sizes 250ml £17 and 500ml £19 as shown in this post. Looking at the retail prices you are better off getting the larger size, and the 500ml has the added pump.

Have you tried this brand? I highly recommend you do, or do you have a miracle range you can tell me about? I'm always interested to hear your ideas.

Jen x


  1. I need to compare it to your latest post! Now that would be good x

  2. I really need to try this! You should try the Bed Head Urban Antidotes 'Ressurection' shampoo and conditioner (in the red bottles. I swear by these products as they completely changed my hair when I ruined it with bleach! xx

  3. I've put that on my list to check out, thank you xx


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