Saturday 23 March 2013

Lush, old loves and new finds

I nipped into my local Lush store today, mainly to restock my glass jar. I have a huge glass jar in my room, this is where I store my bath bars. I keep the lid off so my room always smells like a Lush store! Bonus. I prefer baths over showers any day, and I cannot take a bath without a chunk of my favourite bath bar from Lush. The picture below is a few bits I picked up today.

On the left is Rose Queen, this is a bomb so it's a one use item. It smells amazing and as its name suggests very Rosie. Once it melts into the bath,lots of real rose petals disperse and float on the top. How pretty is that, it makes you feel like a queen!

On the right we have ickle baby bot, again this is a bomb and single use. He smells of lavender, so I tend to use him at nighttime. I feel all sleepy after use, relaxed and ready for dreamtime.

Now we have my absolute favourites, on the top is Karma a bath bar. I break mine up into 3-4 pieces. It's scent is heavenly. I also own the solid perfume stick in this scent. It's calming, sensual and my husband loves it! Wifey points to me.

Underneath are Dorothy, this scent they say smells like figs, and their famous figs and leaves soap. It's is also a must have product for me. Dorothy also has orange oil and ylang ylang oils embedded. Just looking at this little gem makes me feel happy. Rainbows and all.

On the left we have a new bath bar, it goes by the name of The Bright Side, it's got a similar scent to the others I am always drawn to, mandarin oil and bergamot oil. This is large in size so I brake it up into 4-6 pieces.

On the right is a new edition, not something that would instantly interest me. How wrong could I be! My son has very sore, itchy red skin. You can imagine the upset this causes him. Last weekend I took him into our local Lush store and asked for advice, the lovely lady collected some fresh water in a huge silver bowl. She proceeded to wash his arm and began to rub this bar over his sore skin. I was worried, if this would make it more sore, as we had a lot of shopping to do!! Anyway he looked happy so she carried on. Afterwards I did not give it much thought to be honest, a few days later we noticed his skin was not so red and as itchy. The skin had started to turn pink. I HAD to buy this little gem.

It's called King of Skin, think of it as a skin conditioner, you wash your body as usual and then rub this magical bar over yourself and pat dry afterwards. I will report back you after a few uses. Fingers crossed.

The last purchase was Eau Roma Water, it smells nice and I thought why not give it a go?? The ingredients include Rose water and Lavender, again some of my favourite scents. Lets see how I get on with it.

Do you have any Lush loves I need to try? Please leave me a comment if you do, or any miracles for dry, sore skin. I would really appreciate that.

Jen x


  1. Ickle baby bot is a huge hit in my household, my 3 year old loves them and they don't irritate his sensitive skin xx

  2. Aww bless him, maybe I should put that one into my sons bath? I never thought of that, thank you xx

  3. Aw thats such a good idea having a jar filled with bath goodies to keep bathroom smelling nice! I just keep them stashed in cupboards definitely getting them out! xx

  4. My room smell just like a lush store, lol really nice x


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