Saturday 23 March 2013

Latest in Beauty Organic and Natural Box

Today's offering is from one of my favourite companies, Latest in Beauty. If you do not know about them I suggest you go and see their website. I can honestly say they have fanatic customer service. If you follow me on twitter, you may well remember my Christmas advent calendar? I tweeted each morning with the fabulous gifts I received. This advent was also from Latest in Beauty.

Anyway they sell limited edition beauty boxes, for all different wants and needs. This box is all about Organic and Natural products. As soon as I received the email informing me of this box, I made the order. I am at a stage now where this type of product is intriguing me more and more. I like the idea of living a more healthy, clean lifestyle. I prefer products with no parabens, sulfates and well nasties!

The first item is from the brand Jason, I have heard about this brand before but I have never tried Anything from their range. Aloe Vera statin shower, body wash has a fresh, clean smell. I cannot wait to try this. Although I may save it for travel use as its the perfect size for over night stays.

Next up are the Giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo and conditioner. This range is for damaged hair, my hair is high lighted, so this sounds good to me. I really like the packaging, size is a good one to try. The product does not have a strong scent, I may be able to smell it more whilst using?

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to get this box, I already own Dr Bromners 18 in 1 Hemp Lavender soap. I use the soap to wash my brushes and I will always have this in my collection, for me it's a must have. It smells amazing, completely cleans my brushes, well I just love it. This box contained the rose scented edition, I have many loves and one of them is rose scents. The name Rose has a special meaning to me hence my blog name.

Finally another product from Jason's brand. A lip balm. I love lip balms, I go through them so quickly. I am constantly reapplying my Reve de Miel by Nuxe, this takes pride of place on my bedside table.Unfortunately this lip balm has a minty scent, I don't know what it is with minty smells? I just cannot use them. So this little fella be given a new home soon. It's a shame as the product looks really nice, with aloe and beeswax within the ingredients.

I am really happy with this box, I cannot wait to try the hair care products and I am going to try the rose soap as a body wash. Did you buy this box? Have you brought any of the previous Latest in Beauty boxes? I see they also have an Estée Lauder edition out at the moment, I would love to get that one.

Organic and Natural box retails for £4.95 plus p&p.

Jen x


  1. This is a great little box, I love Dr Bronners for cleaning my makeup brushes and giovanni and Jason are great brands. x

  2. I want to try more natural brands, they are good sizes to try, hopefully I can get a few uses out of each to see x

  3. I love this box! I got different shampoo & Conditioner and Dr Bronner's. Great value x

  4. Ohh what shampoo and conditioner did you get? Have you tried my ones before? The rosé scent smells divine x


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